A Great IT Honour

For the fifth time in the region, CPI is all set to raise the bar with the regional version of the well-known IDG's global CIO 100 Awards programme. 

The Middle East CIO 50 Awards will celebrate the top 50 organisations (and the people within them) that are using information technology in innovative ways to deliver business value, whether by creating competitive advantage, optimising business processes, enabling growth or improving relationships with customers. 

Perhaps you took a risk on an emerging technology, or deployed the tried and tested in a new way. Maybe you built a better business process, or fostered closer collaboration.

If you used IT to get more from existing customers, pursue new markets, save money, or make more, you could be in line for a CIO 50 award. Here's your chance to tell your peers about the technology innovations that have enabled or led the way to greater success for your organisation. 

To be selected, applicants must show not only that they have executed their project well, but that they have done so in unique and innovative ways. That could be through pioneering a new technology, applying a familiar technology to a new purpose or generally setting the bar higher for their competitors. They must demonstrate business value beyond a mere positive ROI to show how the project changed the way they do business (whether internally or externally) or repositioned them competitively. 


A CIO 50 award is an acknowledged mark of enterprise excellence. Because the award is given to companies rather than individuals, it is an honour everyone on staff can take pride in. Executives from the honoured companies will be recognised among their peers and colleagues at the CIO 50 Forum and Awards ceremony, to be held in Dubai in January 2013.